Blog3 Telltale Signs It Is Time To Invest In A Water Purifier

Tap water is generally safe for consumption and other daily household needs in many countries globally, thanks to the treatment plants following stringent quality control. But despite proof of the water’s cleanliness and safety, there is no guarantee that it remains that way once the water leaves the plant and travels to every household.

Tap water may become contaminated once they finally reach their destination, due to reasons like ageing plumbing, small leaks, and more.

Thus, if these telltale signs arise at home, it may be time to invest in a water dispenser and purifier.

1. The tap water has a certain smell or taste

Determining water quality starts with one’s senses. The way the water smells, tastes, looks, and feels can all indicate whether there are contaminants that have entered the water supply somewhere along the way.

However, note that this will not always be the case since certain harmful chemicals cannot be detected through senses alone. Some common causes for bad taste or smell in water are sulfur, chlorine, and heavy metals.

2. Clothes look dingy even after washing

It is essential to pay attention after washing the dishes or doing the laundry since the presence of certain chemicals in the water can exhibit in several ways, such as staining on clothes. Often, the water may even have a slightly colourful or cloudy tint to it. Traces of heavy metals such as copper, iron, and manganese are the common culprits of unexplained stains on clothes.

Iron typically leaves a rusty colour on clothing, and traces of it can also be found by pouring tap water into a glass and seeing if tiny sediments float down to the bottom of it. On the other hand, copper results in blue-green stains as well as a metallic taste, while manganese leaves dark brown or black stains and comes with a similar yet more bitter taste.

3. Scrubbing hard is necessary when cleaning certain areas

Regular cleaning is a vital task in every household, but if it has become increasingly more challenging due to the need to scrub down showers, tubs, or sinks constantly, that may mean the tap water is too hard.

Hard water generally contains high levels of magnesium and calcium, which makes it difficult for soap and other cleaning solutions to work well and get rinsed off with water. This leads to a persistent layer of soap residue that leaves fixtures looking dull and unattractive despite being recently cleaned.


Contaminants in a household’s water source will show themselves in several ways, often outright through their bad taste or smell, or sometimes more discreetly like stains in clothes or soap buildup in tubs and sinks. Since tap water is used for many other purposes, such as washing ingredients when cooking, it is recommended to look into a water purifier that can guarantee the whole family’s safety.

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