Blog4 Common Misconceptions Surrounding Water Purifiers

As many people know, clean and safe drinking water is vital to our survival, given that water makes up around 70% of our body composition and is a key requirement for many bodily functions. Anything less than that may contain some contaminant or other that could land us a trip to the hospital.

Nowadays, there are plenty of options available to get safe drinking water, from bottled water products to water purifiers in Singapore. However, many people have misconceptions about water purifiers compared to the former and often downplay what they offer. Below, we debunk some of the biggest myths surrounding water purifiers that prevent families from considering the option that provides the healthiest and safest drinking water.

1. Boiling water is just as effective as any other water purification method

Boiling is a tried and true method of eliminating disease-causing microorganisms in water. However, the process requires 20 minutes of boiling time and a few more to cool it down. Besides being inconvenient for most people today, boiling water is only limited to eliminating microorganisms, contaminants such as chlorine, pesticide residues, microplastics, and other dissolved impurities. In short, while boiling water is undoubtedly useful, it does not guarantee completely safe drinking water, which modern water purifiers can.

Today’s water purifiers come with many technological advancements such as UV sterilisation, tankless technology, heavy-duty filters, and the like to fully eliminate heavy metals, suspended solids, harmful microorganisms, and chemical impurities from drinking water, dispensing the purest and safest water every family deserves.

2. Using DIY filters is enough

Although DIY filters like sand filters can effectively remove contaminants like sediments in murky water, some chemicals and impurities remain untouched as they are microscopic and can easily pass through homemade filters. In comparison, water purifiers are equipped with more powerful filtering systems (such as carbon filters) engineered and certified to catch and eliminate a wide range of contaminants, even several microns small.

3. Any amount of TDS in water is harmful

TDS or Total Dissolved Solids is another contaminant found in water. When it comes to the TDS of drinking water, many think only of the impurities and do not account for the essential minerals. The IS 10500 Drinking Water specification states that a TDS level of up to 900mg per litre is safe and acceptable for human consumption. With that said, it is more important to focus on the nature of the dissolved particles themselves instead of just the TDS level. To ensure safe consumption, drinking water should be free from harmful salts like fluoride, arsenic, and other man-made chemical impurities.

4. Water purifiers strip essential minerals from the water

While it is true that some water purification methods remove essential minerals from drinking water that are beneficial to our health, this is not a hard fact. Some traces of minerals may be removed, but this loss is insignificant enough that it will not adversely impact anyone’s health. These trace minerals in drinking water are insufficient to meet the recommended daily requirements. To put this into perspective, the total minerals consumed from drinking eight glasses of water — the daily recommended intake — is much lower than one would get from eating a slice of bread. Those wanting to increase their intake of minerals and nutrients are better off focusing on eating more nutrient-rich foods.


Water is vital to survival, so it is only right to spare no effort to get the healthiest, safest, and purest drinking water. Compared to any other option available today, water purifiers are without a doubt the best solution that can provide this quality of water consistently and reliably.

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