Blog4 Compelling Advantages Of Installing A Water Purifier Today

Widespread access to clean, potable water from municipal water supplies straight to the everyday household is one of the hallmarks of modern living. Today’s water supply systems abide by stringent rules when treating the water they provide and must also pass safety standards established by local and international health authorities like the World Health Organisation.

However, though the water supply is certain to be safe for regular use and consumption, there is rarely a 100 per cent guarantee that it remains as such once it leaves the plant and reaches the home. As an added safety measure, installing a home water purifier from a reputed brand like Wells Singapore ensures that the water undergoes one last purification process before being dispensed.

Read on as we share a variety of the compelling benefits of having one installed in the home.

1. Enjoy the safest drinking water with unparalleled purity

Wells’ water purifiers come equipped with a state-of-the-art filtration system that delivers the perfect purifying performance by eliminating all microorganisms, heavy metals, sediments, chemicals, bacteria, and viruses that may exist in the drinking water.

Some of these harmful viruses include norovirus, colon bacillus, staphylococcus aureus. With this tried and tested filtration working 24/7, families can rest assured that their drinking water is the healthiest and safest available.

2. Improve the taste and nutritional quality of drinking water

When using old tea kettles and similar containers for boiling water, one may observe white, chalky deposits left on the bottom. They are the buildup of minerals such as lime and others found in the water.

Apart from being unattractive, this buildup called limescale can also accumulate in pipes and other appliances, making the water taste unpleasant. The filtration system mentioned above prevents this buildup and removes the unpleasant taste that they may have already left in the water.

Naturally occurring nutrients in the water, such as calcium, potassium, sodium, magnesium, and more, remain untouched during filtration, so users get to enjoy these elements essential to human health whenever they take a drink.

3. Generate savings from reduced water fees

Bottled water is typically the go-to source of drinking for many households worldwide. Although serviceable, this method can become costly over time due to the need to periodically refill them. With one of Wells’ water purifiers, households can save by limiting their water fees to pay for a single and cheaper source.

4. Enjoy new quality-of-life improvements

By opting for Wells’ modern offerings of water purifiers in the market, users can enjoy many new quality-of-life improvements in their drinking experience, such as:

  • True tankless technology

True tankless water dispensers forego the use of storage tanks to heat or cool water prior to being dispensed. This means that no longer will users be inconvenienced when these tanks run out of supply, and they can enjoy their water at the desired temperature on demand.

  • Innovative touch controls

Wells’ water purifiers incorporate familiar touch controls that seamlessly let users know how to operate it thanks to their established knowledge from using other modern products, improving user experience.

  • Sophisticated temperature controls

With its smart temperature features, switching between the desired water temperature presets is convenient and straightforward.


With Wells’ lineup of water purifiers, not only can households enjoy the best, safest, and healthiest purified drinking water, they also reap the many benefits of using the modern and state-of-the-art technological advancements available in water purifiers today.

Besides the features mentioned previously, our products also come with several more innovative additions, such as the digital display, child-safety lock, LED lighting, passive infrared (IR) sensors, and tactile touch wheels, all in a compact and minimalist design. We aspire to help homes have safe and healthy water for consumption and use with our award-winning products.