Blog4 Essential Features To Look For In Modern Water Purifiers

Drinking water comes in many types nowadays, with the popular one mostly being in the form of bottled water. Although it has the right balance of everything, from safety to convenience, it is far from being the best in terms of health benefits. Purified drinking water holds that position since it is completely free of harmful microorganisms, chemicals, and other particles while retaining the beneficial nutrients naturally found in water. This reason alone is what makes purified water necessary to drink for everyone. Thankfully, getting access to this type of water is easy with the commercial availability of water purifiers. For those looking to invest in one for their home, here are the four essential features to look for today.

1. Tankless configuration

A tankless system is a core feature to have in any modern water purifier. By doing away with storage tanks, these purifiers, become significantly safer to use because of the reduced risk of contamination prevalent in their counterparts. The static configuration of tankless water purifiers means there is no need to change bottles frequently, which is one of the primary ways in which bacteria can enter the appliance, be it in the air or other ways.

Besides the improved safety guarantee, tankless water dispensers also boast faster and convenient cooling technology that dispenses water at much colder temperatures at around 6℃. Since there are no tanks involved, cool and refreshing water can be dispensed on demand thanks to the configuration’s top cooling speed which also incorporates energy-saving features for more savings.

2. A tested purification system

A water purifier is only as good as its ability to perform its main purpose: purify and cleanse the water source from all contaminants. This type of system is typically comprised of several parts that work together in conjunction, such as the filtration system, the pipes’ material, and other automatic systems such as an auto water drainage system.

The pipes’ material matters since those that are made of regular stainless steel are liable to degrade over time and require replacement, risking contamination. Specialised pipes, such as those made of water repellent materials, do not require such maintenance and thus keep the system contamination-free. The other built-in automatic systems primarily work by emptying the water pipes after an extended period of non-usage and sterilising them on a regular basis to ensure they remain clean and safe.

3. High-quality filters

The filters’ primary role is to directly remove the contaminants found in the water supply. Choosing a dispenser that incorporates powerful filters means that all harmful microorganisms or particles get caught in them and do not travel any further and exit the hot and cold water dispenser into the user’s glass. These hazardous compounds typically include hints of heavy metals, suspended solids, chemicals like residual chlorine, bacteria, viruses, and other organic compounds. To ensure that the filters perform as expected, it is important to also to check and see if they come with certifications from the proper authorities verifying its efficacy.

4. Intuitive and convenient temperature control

A sophisticated temperature control system is another vital feature that must be included in a modern water purifier. Having one means that users can choose between cold and specifically hot temperatures that are perfect for various uses, such as making tea, coffee, or other beverages. This addition makes it extremely convenient to get the hot water they need at exactly the right temperature, which matters in cases like making baby formula.


Although the main purpose of a water purifier is to fully cleanse drinking water of any impurities and harmful microorganisms, the modern ones now come with additional features that improve the user experience. As such, it is pivotal to look for the core features mentioned above and more to get the most out of your investment.

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