Blog4 Reasons To Make The Switch to a Bottleless Water Purifier

Many households today typically employ bottled water dispensers as their primary source of drinking water. It is the simple, go-to option for those who are not all too confident in their existing water supply, despite being cleared for drinking purposes.

However, this system has its shortcomings, and there are more ways to get access to purified drinking water that is much safer and healthier.

This article will go over the four reasons to consider going bottle-less and switching to a water purifier.

1. Unparalleled Safety Against Contaminants

Many contaminants can endanger human health if they find their way into a drinking water source: heavy and toxic metals like lead, viruses and bacteria, chemicals such as chlorine, and high amounts of total dissolved solids (TDS).

Although bottled water is less likely to contain these substances, there is another potential danger that it is at risk of – plastic toxins. Water is not acidic, unlike other beverages like sodas, but drinking it out of a plastic container poses the risk of ingesting the chemicals used to make them, which can leach into its contents over time.

If BPA and other plastic toxins find their way into the bloodstream, they can cause many health problems, including various cancers, kidney damage, and liver damage.

In contrast, bottle-less water purifiers and dispensers provide unparalleled safety against such toxins and are at zero risk of contamination by plastic particles.

As a system directly tied to a household’s existing water source, these purifiers use strong filters that remove all traces of contaminants and microorganisms that may still be present in the water, all while keeping the healthy nutrients and minerals intact for the user’s benefit.

Moreover, by foregoing the need for holding tanks for hot and cold water, there is no risk of bacteria contamination over time in tankless water dispenser models.

2. Environmentally Friendly

Bottled water is simply not an eco-friendly drinking solution, no matter how large the bottles may be. Every stage of the supply chain of these products, from the manufacturing to the delivery, has an environmental impact, namely:

  • l Extraction and use of raw materials to create the bottles
  • l Pollution from their production and transportation
  • l Emissions created from the filtration and water filling process

This chain of environmental impacts is never-ending since bottles must be regularly refilled, and newer ones must continue to be produced. Also, once their service life ends, they pose a pollution problem if not disposed of properly.

On the other hand, a water purification system has virtually no damage to the environment since it functions independently without the need for anything else aside from annual maintenance. Solely relying on its mechanisms and an existing water delivery infrastructure makes water purifiers far more eco-friendly due to the removal of the harmful stages mentioned above.

3. Ease Of Use And Maintenance

The upkeep of bottled water dispensers is not convenient. Aside from needing to carry heavy bottles and lifting them during replacement, cleaning their storage tanks to prevent the accumulation of bacteria is also a bothersome necessity.

Meanwhile, a modern water purifier has undisrupted uptime that provides an endless supply of the best tasting and healthiest purified drinking water whenever necessary.

It is also easy to operate and highly user-friendly due to features and benefits like sophisticated temperature controls, minimal space consumption, proximity sensors, and simplified controls.

With routine maintenance that is typically only necessary once a year, water purifiers can provide households with the cleanest drinking water for as long as needed.

4. A More Cost-Effective Option

The costs of periodically purchasing refills and powering the dispenser may seem insignificant at first, but they will surely reach a sizable amount after years of usage.

By switching to a water purifier and dispenser, households can get more out of their existing water supply and make it healthier than bottled water. This effectively consolidates its water bills to just one, and that is not even taking into account the fact that that water supply is much cheaper than getting water refills.


Drinking water is a fundamental yet indispensable resource that everyone needs to survive day-to-day. And while its bottled version is good enough for many, it lacks the many benefits of purified water in several aspects, not just safety. Thus, switching to a water purifier is undoubtedly a must to ensure the optimal safety of one’s drinking water.

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