BlogAlkaline Water: Should You Choose Filters Or Water Ionisers?

Alkaline water is a variety of drinking water with a higher pH level of 8 to 9 compared to regular drinking water with a neutral pH level of 7 on average. Popular among certain demographics, drinking alkaline water continues to be a trend today, with influencers, health enthusiasts, and celebrities recommending it as a healthier alternative to everyday drinking water.

Alkaline water comes in many sources, be it from bottled products or via an alkaline water dispenser in Singapore, but not all are made in the same way. This is because making alkaline water is typically done in one of two ways: alkaline water filters or water ionisers. Learn how the two work and if the alkaline water they produce differs.

Comparing Alkaline Water Filters and Water Ionizers

Alkaline water filters and water ionisers make alkaline water, albeit in different ways; the former alkalises water by introducing minerals, while the latter ionises the minerals already present in the water. Alkaline water filters work exceptionally well, provided your water is not hard since it will not absorb the minerals well. Furthermore, hard water is saturated with many minerals already. In contrast, water ionisers are ideal for hard water, especially with a pre-filter, but they will have difficulty ionising soft water, given its lack of minerals.

pH levels and Oxidation-Reduction Potential (ORP)

The pH and ORP of your drinking water are behind the proposed health benefits of alkaline water. The increased hydrogen of higher pH levels is claimed to provide greater hydration than regular water, while ORP measures the water’s antioxidant potential.

Since alkaline water filters come with pre-set pH and ORP levels, users cannot adjust these two variables at any time. Conversely, water ionisers can let you adjust the pH and ORP of your water according to your changing health needs.

Budget and lifestyle

Alkaline water dispensers are the more economical choice for those interested in trying out alkaline water’s many health benefits and uses. But given that it relies on filters to create alkaline water, periodic replacements are required to maintain the water quality.

On the other hand, water ionisers can continuously produce alkaline water and acidic water (excellent for rinsing hair and skin, first aid, and sanitation), along with the ability to customise pH and ORP levels, as mentioned. However, this added flexibility and the extra cost may be more than what most people are looking for.


The alkaline water made by alkaline water filters and water ionisers are more or less the same, with the latter only gaining a slight edge in benefits and features. For those interested in a complete package offering the best and purest regular drinking and alkaline water, Wells’ portfolio of award-winning alkaline water purifiers in Singapore may be just what you need. Featuring highly-innovative features in a minimalist and compact design package, enjoy seamless, convenient, and healthy alkaline drinking water right at your fingertips. To learn more about our water purifiers, air purifiers, and other offerings, don’t hesitate to contact us today!