BlogBottled Or Filtered Water: Which Is Best For Your Health?

Water is essentially synonymous with life for all living beings on earth. From the smallest bacteria to the modern man, water is a crucial component that enables many bodily functions that are vital to survival. However, ordinary water that can be found anywhere or in large bodies of water is typically not something that we can stomach. Clean and potable water is the kind of refreshment everyone needs to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. It comes in a handful of variations, with bottled and filtered water being the two most common types worldwide. Dive into the specifics of each and find out which is ultimately better for your health.

Bottled Water

Bottled water is a type of drinking water that is, as the name implies, packaged in bottles, usually made of plastic, and comes in various sizes, from the small and handy ones sold in convenience stores to the gallon-sized bottles found atop water dispensers. The water contained within these packages is purified via either one of three processes: distillation, deionisation, and reverse osmosis. Some of the benefits of bottled water include, but are not limited to:

  • Convenient and portable

Bottled water comes packaged right out of the box and can be bought virtually anywhere, making it easy to purchase and dispose of when you are out and about.

  • Cost-effective installation

Apart from the water dispensers that make usability more convenient, there is no installation required to get access to the water you need.

  • No filter changes are required

Since bottled water is purified before being packaged, all left is to consume them and do regular maintenance and cleaning on the water dispensers they are used with.

Filtered Water

The system that purifies your water uses powerful filters that effectively remove all the contaminants and hazardous metals in your water supply while keeping the beneficial nutrients intact. Filtered water essentially comes from the direct water supply of your home and goes through a filtration process before being dispensed. By going with the filtered water route, you can expect to see a lot more advantages and reasons why you should have one at home, such as:

  • Best tasting quality water with no compromises

Since no rigorous purification processes are involved, you can enjoy the vital nutrients that remain intact in your water without compromising its safety and cleanliness. Additionally, the filters used often provide a significant improvement to the water’s taste that never gets compromised by toxins inherent in plastic products.

  • Ease of access

Filtered water is accessed straight from the tap, which means there is no hassle involved, unlike bottled water, which requires some heavy lifting for the more economical ones found in gallons.

  • Cost-effective

Purchasing bottled water is an added cost separate from those you incur from your direct water supply. Over time, these costs pile up and result in a loss of savings that you could have otherwise used on something else.

  • Little to no maintenance is necessary

Quality of life features like water pipes that do not need replacement, such as those found in water purifiers, are becoming more and more prevalent. Moreover, those that sport a truly tankless technology foregoes a tank system for hot and cold water storage, meaning there is no need to clean anything to ensure that the water remains clean and uncompromised.

  • Perfect water temperature on demand

Hot and cold water dispensers are limited by the capacity of their storage tanks. Thus, if their tanks run out of water, it will take time for them to heat up or cool down the new water supply, which often takes too long, especially when you are in a hurry. But in a tankless water dispenser that sources from a built-in filtration system, the water gets heated or cooled on demand and will be dispensed according to your preset temperature.


There’s no doubt that bottled water is a good option for drinking water. Still, its shortcomings, such as the uncertainty of whether the water has been filtered or not and the risk of consuming toxins and microplastics from the packaging, makes it unideal for a completely healthy lifestyle. In contrast, a tankless water dispenser in Singapore with a filtration system built into your home guarantees that your water is clean and free of anything that can harm your health while retaining vital nutrients that your body needs.