BlogFactors To Consider When Choosing An Office Water Dispenser

We all know staying hydrated throughout a long working day is important. On-the-job dehydration could lead to many complications, which is why water dispensers in offices have been on the rise lately.

Access to clean and safe water in the workplace leads to better cognition, mental performance and reduced daytime fatigue. As such, every workplace should consider investing in water dispensers for their offices.

Below, we look at some factors you should consider when choosing an office water dispenser.

1. Size of your office

One of the most crucial factors to consider when choosing an office water dispenser is the size of your office. You need to ensure that the water dispenser is large enough to meet the needs of your office.

If you have a small office, purchasing a mini or medium-sized water dispenser would suffice. However, if you have a larger office, consider getting a larger water dispenser or several water dispensers to be placed in different areas of the office.

In larger areas such as the office canteen, employing several high-capacity dispensers with high output and quick recovery time is essential to avoid long waiting times for employees.

2. Placement and water source

The placement of the water dispenser is also an important factor to consider. The placement of the water dispenser determines what kind of water dispenser you should get. In standard office settings, water dispensers are usually found in the office pantry, reception area, or even in each office room.

Ideally, you would want your water dispenser to be placed near a water source for easier water dispensing. Additionally, placement is important to ensure that there are no restrictions when it comes to space. The area where the water dispenser is placed should not be cluttered to ensure easy access.

3. Temperature options

Modern water dispensers can now be customised to suit various settings and preferences. Aside from the usual hot and cold settings, some water dispensers have more precise temperature control options suitable for various beverages.

Some employees prefer a combination of room temperature, hot, and chilled water, while others want sparkling or alkaline water. Wells’ selection of water dispensers offers the option of choosing hot and cold water at specific temperatures to suit individuals’ needs.

4. Type of water dispenser

It is common to find bottled water coolers that offer basic functionality in most offices. However, tankless water dispensers offer unparalleled convenience compared to bottled water coolers as they do not require the constant replacement of empty bottles.

Tankless water dispensers also offer hot and cold water at any time with no recovery time needed, unlike bottled dispensers. The filtration offered in tankless water dispensers also ensures cleaner and safer drinking water to maintain the health and safety of office employees.


Clean drinking water is a necessity in any office or workplace. Providing high-quality drinking water helps employees to be in the best shape to do work. It is vital to remember the different factors when purchasing a water dispenser for your office.

At Wells, we offer a diverse selection of water dispensers and alkaline water purifiers to satisfy your clean drinking water needs, whether at work or at home. We also specialise in air purifiers for homes in Singapore to ensure clean air for you and your loved ones. Contact us to learn more about our award-winning products today!