BlogHow To Clean Your Tankless Water Dispenser In 4 Simple Steps

Clean and fresh water is essential to a healthy lifestyle. Human bodies are composed of 60% water, and some of this water is lost through various everyday activities. For this reason, you should replenish your body’s water reserves regularly to stay healthy and happy. This is why water dispensers are a worthy investment for homes.

Buying a water dispenser for office or home use is the first step towards ensuring that you get your daily supply of clean drinking water for yourself and your loved ones. Water dispensers usually come in two main forms: tankless and with a tank. Tankless water dispensers have been gaining popularity in recent years, and with good reason. However, proper maintenance is essential to guarantee your water dispenser’s long-term efficiency and effectiveness.

In line with this, here is a simple guide to always keeping your tankless water dispenser clean.

1. Prepare a disinfecting solution

The first step you should take to clean and sanitise your tankless water dispenser is to prepare a mild soap and warm water with a non-abrasive cloth to wipe all surfaces. After thoroughly wiping all surfaces, make sure to unplug the water dispenser from the electrical outlet.

2. Wipe down the exterior

Once unplugged, you can then start cleaning your water dispenser by wiping down its exterior. You can do this by using a combination of soap and hot water. Be sure to wipe down the dispenser, lid, and faucets. Thoroughly wiping down the faucets is particularly important since it is the most common area where bacteria accumulates.

3. Clean the drip tray

Remove the drip tray and drain any collected water. Wash it with a mild dish soap and sponge. Afterwards, proceed to rinse thoroughly.

4. Replace water filter

It’s recommended to replace your water filters every 6 -12 months. Replacing filters within the recommended time frame is essential to ensure optimum filtration and keeping your drinking water clean.


Regular cleaning maintenance is required to keep water fresh and clean. Ensuring that the water you drink every day is clean does not just stop at buying a water dispenser. You should also see to it that your tankless water dispenser is being cleaned regularly to avoid the accumulation of bacteria that affects the cleanliness and quality of your drinking water.

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