BlogOffice Water Dispensers: Where Should You Place Them?

Having a water dispenser in the office comes with many benefits for businesses. Not only does it encourage your employees to drink more water and boost their morale, it also promotes the free flow of ideas and creative brainstorming since employees usually find themselves engaged in conversation around the area. Additionally, when your employees are engaged and hydrated, they tend to become more productive at work.

Once you have invested in a cold and hot water dispenser for your office, the next thing you need to determine is where to place your newly bought water dispenser. There is no rule when it comes to the location or number of office water dispensers you should have. Nonetheless, it is best to have water dispensers in multiple rooms so that all your employees, clients, or customers can easily access clean and safe drinking water.

Read on to find out the recommended areas to place your office water dispensers.

1. Reception area

The reception area is usually a busy place. It is where you will find clients and visitors who might feel thirsty from travelling to your office. For this reason, it is highly recommended to place a water dispenser in the area to allow your visitors to have easy access to water and make them feel at ease as they await their appointment. Having a water dispenser in the reception area will also allow your employees to fill up their water bottles as they leave and arrive at the office.

2. Kitchen or pantry

The kitchen or pantry area is a logical place for a water dispenser. Whether inside the kitchen or just nearby, a water dispenser can encourage your staff to hydrate themselves whenever they take a break or grab their lunch. If you have no space for an ordinary water dispenser in the kitchen, you may choose to buy a tankless water dispenser that is not only space-saving but easy to use.

3. Against the wall

If you own a water dispenser, keeping it close to a wall is best. Doing so will help ensure the water dispenser is out of the way, and your employees or clients will not risk accidentally knocking it over. Additionally, positioning the water dispenser near a wall provides a stable base for the unit, reducing the chances of it becoming unsteady or toppling. By placing the water dispenser against or near the wall, you are not just preventing any accidental bumps but are also protecting the machine from potential damage.

4. Open-plan office 

If your office has an open-plan space, it is highly recommended that you have multiple water dispensers scattered around, as this can motivate your employees to stay hydrated. Strategically placing multiple water dispensers throughout the open-plan office also demonstrates the company’s commitment to employee well-being and comfort. It sends a clear message that the organisation cares about hydration, health, and creating a supportive work environment where employees can easily access essential resources, ultimately fostering a sense of value and consideration among the workforce.


Hydration is necessary for health, making water dispensers a worthy investment. Generally, keeping your water dispensers where everyone can easily access them without risk of accidents or water contamination is best.

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