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Wells Mini Water Purifier


Clutter-free kitchen space with Wells Mini Water Purifier

    • Mini size & 3 type faucet positions
      Install it wherever you want
    • Direct-Piping clean water full of minerals
      Removal of harmful substances, rich in mineral
    • No electricity required
      Zero electricity bill even after 24/7 use
    • Hassle-Free convenience
      Easy setup and maintenance


Basic Spec
Product Wells Mini Water Purifier
Model WP610
Color White
Install Desktop
Function Ambient water
Water Purification Method Direct-dispenser type
Body size(WxDxH) 90mm X 301mm X 313mm
Performance and Additional Functions
Filter Wells Multi Carbon-Neo Nano Clean
Hygiene / Sterilizing System Nozzle tip replacement
Extraction Method Dial type
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