BlogPurified vs. Distilled Water: What Makes Them Different?

One of the most common pieces of advice people hear about their health is to drink plenty of water and stay hydrated. However, with many options for staying hydrated today, one might find it confusing to know which water option is best for them. It would be harder to know which water will do the most excellent job of quenching one’s thirst when one doesn’t know the difference between purified and distilled water.

Many people often confuse purified and distilled water with each other, but significant differences between them make one a more preferred option than the other. To learn more about these common water options, here’s everything that needs to be known about purified and distilled water, particularly the major difference between them.

What is purified water?

As the name suggests, purified water is among the purest types of water one can drink since the term “purified” pertains to the actual quality of water. There are many different processes to purify water, leaving the resulting drink with various levels of flavours and minerals. The standard means to process purified water is through ion exchange, sand filtration, and reverse osmosis.

To meet the technical definition of “purified water,” impurities, such as chemical pollutants, metals, and bacteria, must be eliminated or minimised to extremely low levels. The impurity load of solids dissolved in purified water must not exceed 10 parts per million. Water that satisfies this threshold is of a higher purity than other forms of water, such as filtered water, spring water, or tap water.

What is distilled water?

A process called “distillation” must be carried out to have distilled water. Through the distillation process, pure water is boiled out of the contaminants. This means that water needs to be boiled, and the steam from such boiled water is trapped and condensed back into the water. Distilled water is, in essence, a form of purified water since it undergoes a similar process to eliminate contaminants.

Many contaminants found in water are metals and inorganic minerals, which usually have high melting points and even higher boiling points. After boiling the water and ridding it of its contaminants, the pure water is turned into steam before being captured, cooled, and transformed into distilled water. Since they’re removed, and the water is inherently purified, distilled water contains virtually no contaminants or bacteria.

Which is better: purified or distilled water?

According to experts, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer to the question of which type of water is best to drink. The answer here greatly depends on several factors, such as the quality of the tap water in one’s area, the availability of purification systems in their place, and the existing health conditions they might have.

However, generally, most people don’t prefer distilled water because it doesn’t have naturally-occurring minerals that can bring many health benefits. Aside from this, drinking distilled water can also result in problems with one’s teeth since the minerals in their teeth can leach into mineral-deprived water. For this reason, distilled water isn’t usually recommended.

On the other hand, some purified water can retain minerals that provide a healthy daily consumption of both magnesium and calcium. The purification process can also remove any unpleasant taste from tap water. Because of this, many people prefer to drink purified water over distilled one, which is why water dispensers in Singapore are very in-demand and considered a necessity.


The best type of water to drink depends on a person’s preferences and needs. Both purified water and distilled water are safe to drink and come with their respective benefits.

However, the key distinction between the two is that the distillation process also eliminates minerals that may be beneficial to health.

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