BlogSelf-Sterilising Water Dispensers: How Do They Work?

Are you exhausted from constantly going to the supermarket to purchase box after box of bottled water for your colleagues or family members? If your answer is yes, you can easily solve this problem by investing in a suitable water dispenser in Singapore. There are many reasons why water dispensers are a worthy investment for your home or office. You can even enjoy a lot more benefits when you choose to buy a self-sterilising water dispenser. A self-sterilising water dispenser is a dispenser that comes with a self-cleaning feature.

Read on to learn about self-sterilising water dispensers, how they work, and why they are worth investing in.

What is a self-sterilising water dispenser? 

A self-sterilising water dispenser is like any water dispenser – it provides piping hot, room-temperature, and ice-cold water on demand. It operates on electricity and is a convenient addition to any household kitchen or office pantry. However, what sets a self-sterilising water dispenser apart from the others is that it is designed to clean itself automatically from time to time.

With a self-sterilising water dispenser, you no longer need to go down on your hands and knees to ensure they stay clean and sanitised. Instead, the dispenser’s built-in self-sterilising feature will do your hard work.

How does a self-sterilising water dispenser work? 

A water dispenser with a self-sterilising feature uses ozone or UV technology to clean and disinfect the system’s tank and pipes. Usually, the machine will do the cleaning automatically, but in some models, you need to touch a button to activate the self-cleaning feature. Here are more details about how this self-sterilising feature works:

  • UV Cleaning 

UV technology uses ultraviolet rays to destroy and eliminate microorganisms down to their cellular level. It targets the DNA of these microorganisms, and by such a process, it stops the reproduction of germs and bacteria and completely destroys the existing ones. The UV cleaning method is considered safe because it uses no harsh cleaner or toxic chemicals to do its job.

  • Ozone Cleaning

On the other hand, ozone-cleaning technology uses air, water, and electricity to generate a disinfecting and deodorising solution. Like the UV method, ozone technology does not use fragrances, dyes, or harmful chemicals to clean the water dispenser. It has been in use for over a hundred years, so you can guarantee the effectiveness of this cleaning technology.

Is a self-sterilising water dispenser worth the investment?

The short answer to this question is yes. Besides offering convenience, having a self-sterilising water dispenser at home or in the office ensures maximum hygiene and ease of maintenance.

Therefore, aside from saving you plenty of time and energy from having to clean the machine manually, a self-sterilising water dispenser will also lower maintenance cost with its long-lasting performance.


Self-sterilising water dispensers are a breakthrough technology that can make life easier for everyone, both in household and workplace settings. Compared to a non-self-sterilising water dispenser, you will get tons of other benefits from a unit that can clean itself. Hence, if you are still trying to decide whether a self-sterilising water dispenser is worth the investment, the answer you are looking for is a definite yes! 

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