BlogTop 4 Features To Look Out For In A Tankless Water Dispenser

These days, many electronic appliances are embracing innovation and advancing rapidly – and water dispensers are no exception. While some water dispensers come with big tanks, did you know that space-saving, tankless water dispensers are also available? As its name implies, a tankless water dispenser is an instant water dispenser with no storage tank that needs to be refilled regularly.

If you need a water dispenser for office or home use but have limited space, a tankless one is your best option! Aside from being small and convenient, a tankless water dispenser also provides cleaner water since fresh water is directly dispensed from the source and does not invite any possibility of contamination that can impact water quality and safety.

Like any other appliances, tankless water dispensers have several functions and features. To ensure you get the best value from your water dispenser purchase, here are some of the best features you should look out for when purchasing a tankless water dispenser in Singapore.

1. Water type

Most water dispenser models on the market provide cold, hot, and normal room-temperature water. When choosing a tankless water dispenser to buy, it is highly recommended to go for one with all water types.

Not only won’t this restrict your options when you’re in the mood for a warm or cold beverage, but it will also save precious time. If you are considering to make a purchase, then you should at least look for a cold and hot water dispenser. 

2. Sterilisation features

Some water purifiers are equipped with sterilisation features to enhance water safety. For instance, certain models, like the Wells True Tankless UV+, include UV sterilisation for the dispenser nozzle. This feature ensures that the water dispensed from the nozzle is free from harmful bacteria and viruses that may be present. In addition, the Wells The One takes water purification a step further by incorporating a self-sterilisation mechanism for every single water pipe. This unique design feature allows the water purifier to automatically undergo self-sterilisation once every three days, effectively eliminating any potential contaminants within the pipes. These advanced sterilisation functionalities provide an additional layer of protection and help ensure the purity of the water you consume.

3. Cooling compressor

The compressor is crucial in a cooling system, as it increases the pressure of a substance like gas by minimising its volume. A tankless water dispenser is a perfect power-saving technology since it utilises a compact compressor that works by automatically cooling down the piping. You can find numerous cooling compressors on the market, but investing in a tankless water dispenser with a strong, sturdy, low-noise, and high-performing cooling compressor is best.

4. Child safety lock 

Nowadays, every modern technology requires a child safety lock to prevent any possible accidents that might happen to children while using it. This function can be found in almost all machines, such as refrigerators, ovens, washing machines, cars, and more. The same thing is true for water dispensers. The child safety lock is necessary to childproof a water dispenser and prevent any accident involving children. So, whether you are buying a tank or tankless water dispenser, be sure to look for one with the child lock feature. 


Not all tankless water dispensers are the same. Every water dispenser comes with different specifications, features, and distinct displays. To make sure that the tankless water dispenser you will purchase will be worth every penny, you should take your time to research and compare different models of water dispensers to find one that meets your exact needs. In general, an excellent tankless water dispenser should come with different water types, a sterilisation feature, a cooling compressor, and a child safety lock.

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