Water purifier with direct sterilisation

Wells tt UV+

  • Enhanced 99.9% UV sterilisation
  • Advanced patented cooling technology
  • The perfect water purifying performance
  • Hot & cold water direct dispensing system

Real Direct-dispenser type

sterilising water purifier

Improved hygiene with
99.9% UV sterilisation
of the dispenser nozzle
and replaceable nozzle tips
Patented direct-dispenser type water
cooling technology TrueTankless Upgrade!
Safety LED lighting that makes
the dispense easy to use
Safety LED lighting
that makes the dispenser
easy to use

Water Dispenser with Direct Sterilisation

Water with Unparalleled Purity

Auto-sterilisation function + Manual sterilising function +
Nozzle replacement

Enjoy perfect hygiene! 

Sterilises automatically every 2 hours 

Year-round UV sterilisation
care for the water dispenser Nozzle

Internal sterilisation

You can sterilise the dispenser nozzle
with UV lights whenever you want
at the touch of a button!

Dispenser nozzle is replaceable

Tip of the dispenser nozzle, which is most vulnerable to external contaminants, is replaceable for perfect hygiene!

Removes 7 types of heavy metals, 35 different types of harmful microorganisms

8 inch filter that delivers the perfect purifying performance

Wells tt UV+ supplies abundant clean and cool water, and takes care of your safety at all times!

Advanced patented cooling technology

One-touch sliding dispensing Nozzle and safety LED lighting for

improved user convenience

Convenient Touch display

Intuitive display UI makes the Wells tt UV+ more convnient to use!